Sumberkima Hill: my long-awaited retreat in Bali

When you’re longing for a private retreat, it’s so crucial to escape from all kinds of turbulence and rest at an oasis of serenity like Sumberkima Hill in Bali.

Keeping my footing

On my firm footing 7/7/20 Heck, Ilia, you’ve survived this damn heavy 10k run with two stones in place of legs. From what I’ve been thinking during my evening run I’d like to mention the extremely intense feeling (was that a déjà vu ​thing?) as if I did the same route a long time ago, which,... Continue Reading →

Беговое перерождение

...поднялся и доковылял до финиша. Без гордости, без чести, но заново созданный. Созданный за 4 часа 46 минут 22 секунды.

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