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Influencers. Who are they?

             One day I wrote to a luxury hotel, having suggested to them a fair collaboration: creating a quality video product in exchange for providing me with work space.

             Do you suppose with which manner they responded?

             “We are working only with the well-known influencers”.

             Then I went about contemplating what they meant, as I have never heard such kind of statement. Never heard about those people. Never met them there. In my reality.

             I do not want to be tricky so rather say open and loudly – I was going to Google and asked him “Dear, who is these creatures?”

             Undoubtedly, I found many interesting and curious: basically, nowadays it counts you are an influencer or not on the numbers of your followers.

             10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 600k, 1.2mln and on and on…

             On Instagram I disclosed that there a known actor or somebody of that sort has an enormous amount of followers who are real and who are really interested in that persona.

             But also — there is many fake «stars» were revealed by me.

             Are they influencers too?

             If to rely on the stats then — you will be taken aback – yes, they are type of influencers whose life is in the eye of followers’ attention. And nobody bothers about “hundreds or thousands of hallow followers”.

             I had a short investigation not having lost any money. My result cropped up the next – usually there is only one out of ten who may be a true follower. That is on average, but it also has to do with non-influencers and fake ones. It tells straight to our faces – no difference. The diversity is a myth. We all have equal opportunities and options to be we want to be.

             However, be a follower does not require some special skills and knacks. It is a game for the hell of it. Kind of foolishness. Sorry.

             So-called influencers have been existing from the beginning of the humanity to now. Obviously, when one man begins to affect others, at that moment he become an influencer. We are here not talking whether it is right or not. We are only revealing a new position of the 21st century – influencer – so closly to making money out of nothing.

             Apparently, most people are listening to those influencers, putting the mask of follower on themselves.

             Therefore, my next question to people is you are really into your idols, icons – influencers – and prefer being a white sheep in this mass of blindly vicious circle.

             Hey, wake up! There, around, is so many beautiful and hidden that only you are able to discover! Discover inside of you.

             Slightly less ordinary in your lives.