Sumberkima Hill: my long-awaited retreat in Bali

Like many other hot-headed people, I saw Bali as somewhat of an island where evil could turn good in the blink of an eye. Back then, in 2013, that was my motivation — a twisting journey to the bowels of my nature. However, years of inner turmoil tossed me directly into the social whirl of the Kuta life where I, much like any European tourist, got lost as well as lost my chance to reveal the hidden riches of the island. Only in 2018, the incredible discovery presented itself — I stumbled across Sumberkima Hill Retreat, a refuge from the mundanity and minutiae of a harsh outside world. 

Villa Naga, unfolding colourful sunsets

What to explore in Sumberkima Hill

1. The Sumberkima underwater world

2. The on-the-surface wonders of the bay

3. The riches of jungles

4. The sounds of waterfalls

5. The sacred temples

6. The romance of Gili Putih

7. The majesty of Mount Kawa Ijen

8. The life of Barat National Park

Villa Gajah, refilling your inner resources

Villa Asmara, your doorway to the horizon

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