Why am I having weird dreams? The story of a surreal dreamer

While some of us take delight in having extremely vivid dreams, and some, in turn, suffer from them, the others are desperate to find out how to get these crazy dreams. This passage isn’t meant to answer all of your questions like ‘why do we dream’ or ‘what do dreams mean,’ rather raise some more of the sort. For this reason, instead of upending every corner of our mind, I suggest observing the poetry of dreams, however surrealistic they may seem to us.

I want to say you’re not driving crazy while having really vivid dreams (lately or for a long time) and checking up on causes of weird dreams. It’s merely as common as having wet dreams at puberty (you don’t want to go there, do you?).

How would I define surreal?

That night wasn’t like many others I spent on this breathtaking planet. Sleeping on the floor may be a regular thing in your nightlife, once you happened to discover all advantages and reasons behind this self-torment. Even knowing that the following morning your set of bones don’t say ‘thank you’ on any account, you go for such a pleasure — hoping for the bright future the same way many parents do, bringing up their naughty children.

Maybe the key to one’s surrealistic visions might be hidden in the nature of physical inconveniences as discomfort makes us always feel stressed out. Why not be a potential trigger? Otherwise, what would provoke such paranoid and delusional, yet vivid and lifelike illustrations where a sleeper plays a leading or background role in an incredibly interlaced plot?

However, the plot’s intricacies aren’t completely illogical, not least because you always know the invisible and unwritten ties between chapters in your sleep. Also, you always comprehend the weird leitmotif of what is playing out (no matter which way you’d label this composition — a fake story, theatrical spectacle, or prophecy). So well was it all packed in your mind! Unless the morning has arrived. Until the eyes are open and rationalisation has cleaned out all the surrealism, your mind (some would go for ‘brain,’ but I’m not on the team of those) came up with…

Demons, ghosts, failures, temptations, and fears in all kinds of fashions attack you as one, accurately stubbing the knife in the tiniest but most vulnerable chink in the armour. Again and again. There’s no blood, just psychological tears rolling down the cheeks, hysteria, and an unavoidable sense of betrayal. Perhaps, being betrayed by the closest ones takes suffering to another level. By those who know of your bleeding wounds. By those who you dared to trust. A challenging trip to endure, not losing your faith and your face.

Why do I keep having such vivid dreams?

While having vivid dreams, we are in a dimension we cannot reach in the daytime. With the very first sunbeams, we believe in what we see. And what we see, we get in no uncertain terms since we tend not to question the reality presented by our eyesight. Additionally, having to think of the mundane and manage the minutiae of life, our mind focuses on the material world. But does this mean there are no other ones, which we can still experience and be parts of?

Try to recall your memories and feelings after those weird dreams. In an overwhelming majority of cases, they are all gone like the sand through the fingers or not? The distinction is, your sense — touch — was never in place during the sleep, whereas the particles of sand in the palm give us a clear understanding of what’s going on (we’re either on the playground or the beach!). Back to the point, how do we feel and explore that mindfully realistic world, depicted in such exhaustive detail, when dreaming. And are these explorations and findings real? Which world is real? And how about Einstein’s or Mendeleev’s dreams? 

Meanwhile, the essence of such a question demonstrates the dual nature of things. And consequently, the proof and evidence that some people are so eager to witness (but not to embrace). The more dimensional we are, the more complex our life is; thus, the more thrilling the journey ahead of us!

Whether you go for trippy dreams or the sleep of the just, please, do not ask yourself, why am I having crazy dreams? Some may rightly say there could be existential questions walking into our train of thought without knocking at the front door. Whether they are existential or delusional, pleasant or scary, all we can do about these experiences is try out this world in some new ways, questioning the nature of things, doubting opinions, and pondering our next move as there are millions of whys and wherefores ahead of us to be asked. Psych ourselves up for whatever is coming, be that hell or high water.

Then, I sat on the very edge of my bed (that one I ignore most of the time), looking up into the crystal clear, blue, innocent sky. Going through the psychedelic pictures once again. Dwelling one more time upon my vivid crazy, strange, or surreal — you name it — dreams. Caught in pure awe and purposelessly gazing out of the window.

All of sudden, a small white spot rushed into my sight, literally, out of the blue! It went down, leaving nothing in its wake. Not a sign to catch some evidence on what was happening at the moment. I assume the tiny round mark in the sky was a comet. However, no scientists awaited its arrival, according to Google results. For me, there was nothing else left to do but double check: ‘Has it been real?’ I whispered under my nose. The answer, up in the air. Much like my surreal dreams.

How would you define surreal?

And have you ever returned to your crazy dreams?

What causes crazy dreams?

  • Emotional peaks and troughs
  • Psychological pressure and stress
  • Changes in your daily routine
  • Pressing and unresolved issues
  • Overwhelming amount of new information
  • Love affairs on the side
  • A MacBook malfunction
  • Google outage
  • Unsubscribers.

You might’ve got tired of having vivid yet weird dreams to the same extent as I’m going nuts with all of these ‘vivid dreams every night tired’, ‘how to dream less and sleep better’, and so on and on. I’ve come up with a brilliant idea and now I’m about to put it forward, especially for those who are dreaming about no dreams!

How to get rid of vivid or weird dreams?

  1. Don’t overthink.
  2. Don’t read any news before bedtime.
  3. Don’t buy YouTube Premium.
  4. Don’t scroll though 9GAG posts.
  5. Don’t bear any grudge.
  6. Don’t shit where you eat.
  7. Don’t run away from problems.
  8. Don’t envy.
  9. Don’t feed your ego.
  10. Don’t think.

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