Keeping my footing

On my firm footing


Heck, Ilia, you’ve survived this damn heavy 10k run with two stones in place of legs.

From what I’ve been thinking during my evening run I’d like to mention the extremely intense feeling (was that a déjà vu ​thing?) as if I did the same route a long time ago, which, however, cannot be possible under any circumstances except for one or ones, a previous life or previous lives respectfully.

On a different note, over the last several months, I was constantly hitting the gym (especially treadmills so hard that my membership was hanging on a thin rope) — a decent time with one extremely positive additional thing like a sauna after sessions. However, how much I was missing as nothing can replace the beauty of the street and the night Prague outfit (check it out if you’ve never seen). No doubt, the city wears well as no other city does… It would be very foolish to let any opportunity to amuse you slip. Hopefully, I won’t fall into the same trap yet again.

The further the journey, the longer the road!


Another run, another 10. Another torture, another relief.

I’ve got to admit a thing that I’d already admitted several times in the past. As simple as that, morning runs haven’t been designed for me and I haven’t been born to do them. As you can see our love for each other is as mutual as two right pieces of the same puzzle.


Today, in addition to my will power, I’ve exclusively trained how to wash me, myself, and my ego away from this fabulously weird planet.


To be frank, I could’ve said explaining away my countless stops on the road there were many traffic lights giving me solely red lights, but the truth is, obviously, I’m so unfit that even a snail would be a better runner than slow me. Yup, “coronasitting” was a smooth journey to have for a while and meanwhile, its repercussions are so clear right now that even the blind could witness.

The only choice, to start behaving myself in a physical sense as if I’d be preparing for the Olympics!

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