Are You Naked, Mate!? — Not Me, We Are.

Some stories have to be rewritten. And there’s no shame at all. I’d say it’s as natural as a day that will come tomorrow. Despite us, our routine, our desires, and our hopes. Despite anything. Even time is not in charge of days coming and going. After all, what is a day? To put it simple, it’s the amount of hours. Does our galaxy know about these hours we count all the time? Trying to get back to the first sentence and not to ruin my logic, our narrative is constantly changing even though you strongly believe that some of previous chapters were fully formed years ago.

The thing you’re reading right now is not an exception. By contrast, a walking, rather written, testament to the rule.

As it usually happens, I came to nakedness unconsciously and by accident. Not even so, because in the first place my start point of this journey was all about physical nakedness, not assuming that behind the topic is hidden the whole world, included an acceptance of yourself on a deeper level. Unluckily, today’s unwritten rules dictate that any sort of deviant behavior should be eliminated or, at least, should fight for its existence…  Just a quick question, how many of your friends are there who enjoy being naked? And who consider that being naked is a regular state of mind? Hopefully, there are some who are on our side. However, that’s fair to say with regard to them minority.

It’s never easy to begin with, especially when you’re alone on the way with no signs and with a zero guidance. It’s always tempting to say ‘I’ve got through this path’ when actually you’re still getting through… But, anyway, my experience was extremely radical and that is why, being cornered is a true challenge after that there might be different ways to get rid of such a life position, and one of them is when you’ve got enough fearless to move on in the dark without doubts, any guidance or directions, but with an endless number of mistakes and distractions on one’s way .

These pictures of my first official “naked” attempt that looked like (who would guess) either a kind of social protest or the one against myself are still before my very eyes. I took all my clothing off being on the beach around people and lied on my tiny rag. Of course, I knew of all the eyes staring at me at that moment, but then I caught this don’t-give-a-damn mood and dozed off…   With time, the thing, more or less, began to stabilize, getting more and more natural with additional clear points like the answers on these questions: why do you follow it, does something change inside of you, do you get any of new insights out of you, what is the world around you like and so forth.

Until I heard the documentary of Dr. Keon West on “The benefits of nakedness”, it had been too complicated to install the right tools of a nudity thing into my mental system. It worked well at large, but at the same moment there were hundreds of “right» and «wrong» ideas on it which I faced up in the not enlightened part of my mind. By that time it resembled a traffic light with its green, yellow and red colors signaling simultaneously. A true trash bin, not even close to something they mean by a human mind.

So Dr. West’s research depicted the controversy over the «naked» issue having demonstrated a wildly huge variety of opinions as well as a wide spread of cultural points depending on countries and its religious views and beliefs.

To not kill you with this monotonous speech of mine, I’d like to share with you a funny case that happened to me. I could say «my relatively recent experience» but it’s nearly a year passed so far… Some details which can show useful or not are that, a perfect morning on a wild shore in Bali with no one around. What a fairy tail! It could have been…


Along the coast not even close to being jammed by people, there was no chance on my part to hurt someone’s feelings by strolling naked back and forth. By the way, the opposite type of people, fully dressed up, couldn’t do any harm to my own fragile world either.

No signs of neither intervention nor invasion on the horizon. All around is as clear as the sky. Now, out of the blue, a couple of wanderers showed up at a distance with trekking sticks and sneakers on the foot — the most essential thing on the beach like a swimming pool next to the ocean. Obviously, they both were enjoying a walk in the sun being dressed up from top to toe. How dare you doubt!?

When our eyes met, the two turned  their heads away instantly as if I could put some curses on them… Not clear with what, because there was no stick in my hands…

Keeping their stroll, they were chatting not silent enough for not being heard by me. There was a following conversation:

— Why would he be doing that? — asked a man.
— I ain’t into answering. Go ask him if there is something you want to know! — she said very nervously like a strip on the shorts got far tighter than it should be.
— Actually that’s a very good idea! But… a weird one. I’ve got the only favor to you, whether you’re gonna capture this moment? Or maybe… Yeah, that’s even better — capture us, me and him together!
— … … … Are YOU in your mind?

She addressed it to emptiness, because the man had already been on the way to me. He was smiling and waving his hand, which is very odd, given the fact that on the beach there were only three of us. Nearly having reached the naked and unprotected target, he opened the door to my world quite bravely and confidently:

— Hey, mate! Enough awkward it’s all, me glancing at you, you strolling in here with no clothes… After all, you absolutely naked! Do you know this?
—  Are you assuming I have no clue that I’m standing here and not wearing anything?! Dude, that’s pretty bizarre, honest to God. Right away between me and you there’s the only one naked, which is you. See, you’re  much more naked than me even being wrapped up from head to foot…
— Mate, what are you talking about!? Really? Not a chance! I see everything with my eyes!

I let his question slip without any answer because there wouldn’t have been any of worthy ways to carry on that exchange in words. Eventually I gave him what he wanted — that stupid pic, which had probably been posted on social media or showed to his friends with the following descriptions «me and a random freaking man on the edge of the Earth». Meanwhile, that was quite close to what we are all agreed to call «truth». At least, it looked like the description above for sure, but be «me» I mean me, as you’ve already got it.

— Dear, would you like a snap with him? – suddenly the man threw a question into the forehead of the love of his life. Apparently, at the same time he knocked her out.

I’ve never ever seen a woman or any living human being in such a dead state as she was in there. Her phenomenally pale face stemmed from  her total confusion and inexplicable shock. She couldn’t even open her eyes up not saying of taking a glance at my side. I can only guess that it was impossible for her to see something else, e.g. my eyes, except for the private part of my body, so to speak. No need to say that she turned down his proposal and they walked away as soon as possible. With a great smile on man’s smile… I don’t know why and don’t want to know.


That experience gave me a crystal understanding of what they call a stigma or stereotype. One part (maybe more) of the society isn’t capable of dealing with their prejudice or with something unknown to them — I’d put it «unknowing of selves». Therefore, it’s much easy to escape from something disturbing than to try to sort things out. No one bothers about “much deeper” circumstances. No one cares. No one contemplates. No one opens up, going on living in a tiny can, metaphorically speaking.

If we dive, say, a little bit deeper, then we may (and we will do) reveal that there is an uncountable number of people’s fears, traumas, different reasons to reject, to turn away, to avoid, to run away — most of these reasons are rooted in the mind. You may agree or not, but the following example depicts the above-mentioned statement: when you have to solve a problem or make a decision being not interested in doing it, you are constantly faking the absence of the necessity, in other words, simply ignoring or looking through as if it was as a ghost, as if it didn’t exist.

I would like to comment on that: when something is invisible that doesn’t mean it is just imaginary. Unfortunately, if you don’t see, but hear it signifies that you have a proof of existence whatever it is; or if you don’t hear, but see, on the other hands, means absolutely the same. For those who are enough special not to see and hear, I have to underline that you are still able to sense, which means, anyway, you’ve got a proof of existence of, let’s say, a problem, obstacle, any kind of hurdles.

Back to our main topic, being naked equals being confident about your body and mind — inward and outward appearances. Besides that, it tells you what you look like objectively, without social filters. This matter doesn’t have anything to do with how perfect you are in terms of your physicality because it’ll come if you are in the right place and at peace mentally. Here is rather the question of accepting yourself, of discovering one’s capacity of overcoming own fears.

The logical conclusion is, mature mentality is a key factor for living your life to the fullest, which refers to your human nature rather than materialistic foundation. On the way to grow mentally and spiritually, there is a lot of hidden boxes that frighten people because of the necessity to open them up, and majority how sad it would be to admit prefer not to look at the inside. A minus of that is, putting things off for a while is not going to resolve any of our problems. Moreover, it’s a way to deepen them even further.

You may not agree with all the above. That makes a perfect sense. Then I’ve got a question for you, what do you say about tolerance? Colors, races, differences in all shapes and forms, cultural peculiarities – all these aspects according to the policy of the 21st century have got to be accepted by people all over the globe. Accepted on a basis of human diversity, right? Here we’re coming to the following: the variety is as natural as the nature created us.

Getting back to our primary topic, we should ask ourselves why are people so obsessed with nudity? Why is it so “visually” noticeable?

According to the Dr. West’s research, respect for people means respect for their appearance, including the body, so that is where the logic turns to the wrong direction. People are their apprentice. So poor.

Pay also attention to that, there is no equanimity between nudity and sexuality. Therefore, immorality of the issue disappears as a little drop of water on the heated road.

To illustrate a well-known stigma: if you are comfortably wearing nothing it certainly means you are leading an uncontrollable sexual life. Nothing to add here, frankly.

Haven’t you contemplated that more often people dressed up look much more sexually than without clothes? Let this question sink in, maybe it might help you disclose something new.

To wrap it all up, we were born naked. Clothing was of secondary importance.

At large a human body is “a set of bones and muscles”.

It is a jammed «wardrobe» build from flesh and blood on which our clothing hangs. And our task is to unpack it from time to time.


To acquaint with Dr. West’s documentary “The benefits of nakedness” follow this link

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